Short films are boring????

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Enterainment
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Yesterday, I and my not so close friends were talking about boys and money. It suddenly went toward entertainment. Discussing which actors we liked best an why (Channing Tatum for me), almost turned into a fight. Anyway, the discussion finally stopped at short films. The whole thing got me thinking. Why?

Well I just happen to be a film student who at first was forced to make ten to fifteen minute movies because of limited facilities and all the rest.  Now let’s face some truthful facts about short films:  They have limited running time! the script must be 10 or 15 pages and It is not easy trying to cut a story short! You must have a very very over the top out of this world story to get recognised……the list goes on.

Talk about stress FULL!  But here’s the good side. It helps you discover things about yourself that you thought impossible. It’s not so hard now writing a story that fits into one page…….um, okay three. 😜 I love short films.

Truthfully, because of the awards I got for my one and only short film which I made just so I could win. The film is a bit um well advanced, so people who love to watch romance and action and all that should not click on the link below.

But after that I started looking at short film as a career path, even though in the long run I’d make features. 😇😏

Ever had this thought running through your mind when watching a 1hr  90min movie or above? “Okay it’s a great movie but it should finish already! I have to do something, or go somewhere, or sleep!

Anyway the girls were all raving and ranting about how short films are boring blah blah blah, they haven’t even watched any but  they just had to have something to prey on didn’t they.  😩

However, i thought to myself, is this really how people feel? Are there folks out there who will actually buy a short film? After all if it goes through the right marketing channels and does its publicity homework won’t it be as successful as a feature-length? I want to know guys….like it says your thoughts matter

P.S the event in the first paragraph made me open this blog.

  1. Famous Iraoya says:

    Short films ain’t boring at all


  2. livingonchi says:

    very nice short film!

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  3. Kiersten says:

    I am surᥱ this paragrаph has toսched all the intrnet viewᥱrs, its really really
    good article onn building up new blog.

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