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Hi all!

I will go straight to the point. I procrastinated and it hit me big time! Something about procrastination is that by the time everything piles up you just don’t want to do anything at all and my procrastination came from me not being able to say NO!

The thing about the P word is that you just have to get up and do it! As easy as that sounds it is most definitely not easy! It’s like you’re fighting a never ending war between the mind and the body. And it’s funny because the mind controls the body!

I am getting out of that place and it sure as hell ain’t easy but I just have to do it. I have stopped doing too many things now and have focused on what truly makes me happy and that is MUSIC.

Sometimes I tell myself I am  too old now – 22 years old…but I believe that is what I told myself at 18 and wasted 4 years of not actually just doing it and practicing the instruments. I kept discouraging myself by saying things like “its a pity you discovered your passion too late” and “18…sigh…..19….deep breath sigh…20…..tsk tsk tsk sigh, 21…pfft sight”….now i’m 22 and the thought is still there but I have decided to just do it. Lets see if I can achieve that dream.

And to all my followers…apologies for giving in to my procrastination.