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She was born pure,

She grew beautifully and gracefully.

Her pulse, a steady rythm

She shone in all her glory.

000 Then it came.

The plagues!

It shook her core

bkThe corruption, our pollution

The violence, our vile nature

Took her innocence away

Rocked her foundation


She was loosing her strength

She cried from the pain

The loneliness

Her slain inhabitants

Her neighbours, whom she loves, crossed her borders

Abused her trust and

Killed her children

Her tears, a rainfall

Despite the dealt dead blows from her people and

those next to her

Their ungratefulness,

Their betrayal,

She still stands.


As the fury of adversity blows with such ferociousness,

She leans like a palm tree during a Hurricane storm

palm tree

But she never gets uprooted

She is a warrior

She is fierce

She is a survivor

She is my hope

She is my future

My feet may leave her,

but one thing is for sure,


I will always find my way back to her shores



 Many thanks to Passion through Poetry ( for inspiring me. You made me discover a hidden talent.