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Posted: December 13, 2014 in The Daily Post
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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Alphabet Soup.”

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.

A am

B brain

C Cruise

D doing

E exhausted

F feet

G guitar

H hell

I i

J just

K kitchen

L laptop

M my

N no

o one

P popcorn

Q quadragesimarian

R ringing

S school

T tom

U underground

V ventricular

W watch

X xbox

Y yatch

Z zeppelin

Hell no!! Sorry guys… I am not doing this today. I just came back from school, my feet hurts, my head is ringing and my brain is exhausted. So I am going to the kitchen  to get a tiny bowl of popcorn, then boot my laptop and watch Tom Cruise travel back in time repeatedly in “Edge of Tomorrow”.

Hmm… I’ve use all the alphabets except Q, U, V, X, Y and Z. I guess I’ll have to cheat.

Zeppelin …as in guitar legend

Yatch... Must get me one of those

Xbox… You get the idea

Ventricular… Yeah, I know big words too.

Underground… Place that after “need for speed”…you know…the game

Quadragesimarian… It is really a word and I learnt it 3hrs ago.


Bitter Little Lies

Posted: December 12, 2014 in The Daily Post
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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Little Lies.”

Lying is bad. It causes distrust among each and everyone of us and that is why most of the time when people say things to us we need convincing. Some might say that lying is best, when you want to spare someone’s feelings but they never look at the end result.

If the person whose feelings were spared finds out eventually (they always do),  the whole issue will turn into something entirely different… Something it wasn’t meant to become in the first place.

Lies are lies

I don’t believe in White lies… I never will. To be sincere, I have lied several times and it has caused huge problems for me. Most times, when I lie, I find myself telling the truth minutes later because nothing says uncomfortable like a conscience singing mantras.

So this is where I stopped earlier. After thinking long and hard I have decided to re-edit. I have never been put in a situation where lying was really necessary. After reading a post from the blog below:

I have decided that if put in a similar situation I’d do the exact same thing. Like Sammy Silva said in the commenting area – lying is human nature. So adieu to the “I don’t believe in white lies” line.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

As it’s been a while since our last free-write… set a timer for ten minutes. Write without pause (and no edits!) until you’re out of time. Then, publish what you have (it’s your call whether or not to give the post a once-over).

I hate cockroaches with a passion. They are ugly and creepy. That moment when you’re asleep and in your dreams you hear some distant noise… Like the ruffling of papers… Not sure if ruffling is the right word.

I try to keep the house clean and free but the people next door…aargh! They’re the ones who attract them! With their dirt and disorderliness. And I have to block all the spaces with newspapers so I don’t lay my eyes on those brownish black-ish icky things. It’s worse when you come across those that have wings. The sheer HORROR!

Then there’s the Mice. We completely renovated the house after our last encounter with them – Mum and I.

We had moved in newly and my mum loves to stock up the store. We had all sorts of veggies and items in there. At one point, I noticed the potatoes looked like they’d been gnawed on. I ignored it, thinking that they were just getting bad. The chilli started decreasing and I became suspicious. We decided to clean the store one time and when we had all the items removed… Holy Moly! My eyeballs almost jumped out of their sockets. They had gathered the chilli and potatoes. The greedy little bastards! They didn’t even finish any! That night we layed a trap and around 1.00Am in the morning, I heard noises. The mouse was struggling. Next morning the thing got away. It was that big!!! We had to  raise the roof because the crawlers were coming in from next door.

And don’t get me started with spiders! They’re… Oops time’s up!

To What End?

Posted: December 10, 2014 in The Daily Post
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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” — Sylvia Plath
Which do you find more dangerous: wanting nothing, or wanting everything?

Wanting everything is the same as wanting nothing.

As little children, we were filled with energy and curiosity. We wanted to do and be so much because everyday was a learning experience for us. We would see something new and immediately we’d want to have it. This whole cycle changes completely when we start to see the world for what it truly is. People,  just keep on living and taking whatever comes their way as each day passes by, waiting for death to take them while, others have goals that they must achieve by all means.  Some want and expect so much that it becomes an obsession. Most of these things include:

1. Chasing after money. Will there be peace? What about your happiness?

2. The desire for materialistic things. Won’t these things wear out eventually?

3. Following perfection. What about who you truly are? What happens to being comfortable in your own skin? How about self worth?

4. Comfort and pleasure. Where is the adventure? Is it healthy cocooning yourself in your comfort zone  while leaving growth and discovery wilting at your doorstep?

When that thing nobody can avoid comes which is death; Where will all these things you sacrificed so much for be? It’s not like your going to take them to the grave.

Desire is another type of hunger. The more you chase it the less full and satisfied you become. We should limit ourselves and pursue what will be beneficial to ourselves and others. Trying to have not too much of everything and too much of nothing. Focusing on what makes us happy, comfortable and full of life.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Feeling Fancy.”

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

The first unfair thing about this is…One Day!!!!? How on earth am I going to get all I want to in one day!?

The second is…  I am going to start dreaming and sighing and… Well…Dreaming!!!

Okay. Let me calm my nerves down a bit. There we go…


If I act on impulse that’s what I am getting.


And that. I am sure you get the picture.

But if I decide to be responsible, I’d purchase gold. Of course that sounds unrealistic but the question itself is.

I’d get enough and store them in a vault, so that when this surreal lucky day passes by, I’d have more than enough funds to do all the stuff I’d like to do.

And since the question needs details…

1. I’d travel around the world

2. I’d purchase a house by the lake… In a small country town

3. Purchase movie equipments and hire lots of professionals to make my first blockbuster.

4. Take my mum to see the Eiffel Tower

5. Feed the world.

6. Purchase lands. Lots of them

I am sure there’s more. But I can’t think of them now

ooooo Boy

Posted: December 8, 2014 in The Daily Post
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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “One at a Time.”

Today, write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.

Okay. Can I do this? I think I can. Here it goes…

My stringed piece was not mine

It was for the one who came a year prior to me

He left it in the dark part of his room

When he left for school

I snuck in and made it mine

The sound, sweet and soft

Brought forth by the five

linked to my palm.

Whew! That was not so hard.

Just Like…👝👪

Posted: December 7, 2014 in The Daily Post
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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?


Blogging =Family

We tell each other our stories

Share with each other our happy and sad moments

Inspire and encourage each other

Some of you guys make me think “whew!! Crazy bunch of individuals like Stewie”

“Troublesome and funny like Bart Simpson and Peter Griffin”

“Nice, Loving and caring just like Lois and Marge, during their good days”

“Carefree like Homer Simpson”

“As intelligent as Lisa”

“Quagmire’s …… Cough cough. I’m sure you understand”

We’re all in this together and i’m  happy to be part of the family. 👭

P.S I’ve been here just two weeks.

Six Feet Under

Posted: December 6, 2014 in The Daily Post
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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gut Feeling.”

When’s the last time you followed your instinct despite not being sure it was the right thing to do? Did it end up being the right call?

We had a movie shoot that day. However, there was some kind of argument about which location to go to first. The shooting schedule was missing and we had to type a new one. What no one knew was that I had a hard copy of the schedule. For some reason I did not want us to shoot at a location which was in the main market of Jos, because I was a bit uncomfortable about going there. It was too crowded and that is where the terrorists like to place their bombs. Also, I had not told my mother that we going to shoot there. I knew she would say no, and I was really desperate to shoot that particular film.

I told them I’d type one fast. While typing, I excluded the location in the market. It was quite easy to convince the crew that the schedule was 100% correct, because the market scene was not in the script, as it was decided upon during a meeting.

We were on set when we saw the smoke at a distance. It was gradually increasing and it filled the sky. Phone calls started coming in. We heard the news. A bomb had detonated. Few seconds later, we got the second bad news of a different bomb going off.

Guess where… at the market. One hundred and fifty people died.


I and my crew members might have been six feet under by now.

Dil Pakh

Posted: December 6, 2014 in The Daily Post
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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”


I don’t even know how to start.

Dil was so…..noisy! When I was trying to sleep she’d be squawking and that isn’t all. See that beak, it was sharp and she pretty much knew it was. She bit me with it! 😱 several times!

She’s certainly not forgotten.


Posted: December 5, 2014 in The Daily Post

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Make It Anywhere.”

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,” goes the famous song about New York City. Is there a place — a city, a school, a company — about which you think (or thought) the same? Tell us why, and if you ever tried to prove that claim.

Growing up in a strict environment has it’s ups and downs. It restricts you and turns you into a sort of introvert.

I never played with the people next door and I  didn’t go out a lot. I became this quiet kid whenever I was around people. There was no confidence in me whatsoever. I and my family moved around a lot, giving little or no room for stability.

When I started school, I had absolutely no idea how to relate with the other kids. What made it worse was the stares they kept giving me. I have mixed blood, so I am neither white nor black.

I was sort of an outcast. Deliberately, I decided to show that there wasn’t anything special about me  by getting low grades. I didn’t study hard enough, I made noise like the others in class, often cheated during tests and exams. But I still did not belong.

I finished my secondary school (high school) without proving to them I belonged. However, while I was waiting for my admission into the university, I had enough time to reflect.

When I got the admission, another problem occurred. Apart from my “half cast” status, I was the youngest in the university. I was looked down on and people saw me as this little kid who got lucky.

I very much believe in the statement: “it takes one second for something to completely change”, because that is how long it took for me to stand up and tell myself, enough! Why should I limit and change things about myself because of others? I don’t care what they think! It’s your life and you’re the one who will enjoy or suffer because of your decisions!

I started getting higher grades, and moved on to get a distinction along with two awards. I told myself I could survive! All of a sudden I became confident, I could socialise and lastly I AM intelligent!

It doesn’t matter what situation or circumstance we find ourselves in. All we need is a little push! And we will be able to survive anywhere!