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CAUTIONARY ADVICE: if you’ve had a bad day, do not read this. Depending on how emotional you are, this writeup might be depressing for you and might make your day worse. Come back some other time if you wish.

Today was a sad day for many. A terrorist attack at a café in Sydney, Australia, left two dead including the gunman. I hate speaking about tragic events because it just makes me sad and downcast. But I have to because, so many people take a lot of things for granted while others are aware but choose not to SEE because they cannot face the truth. And the truth to many is brutal; one thing about it is that it may piss you off at first but it will set you free.

cropped-img_0709.jpg Life is an endless circle. Generations come and go, but the earth lasts forever. The sun rises, and the sun sets, and then it rushes back to the place where it will rise again. The wind blows toward the south and shifts toward the north. Round and round it blows. It blows in a full circle. All streams flow into the sea but the sea is never full. The water finds it way back to the place where the streams began in order to start flowing again.

Whatever has happened before will happen again. Whatever has been done before will be done again.

People always say the world will be better and life will be good. In my own opinion, the world was, is and will always be “better”. Life IS good. Some of us fail to realise, that everything happening on earth took place before. There is nothing new under the sun.

People killed each other before; they stole and committed all sorts of crimes. When World War One occurred, victims and witnesses thought that was the end. Those of us that weren’t born yet only have archive footages and books. But we will never understand or feel the terror of those that witnessed it. That is why we think everything that is happening today is worse than events of past times.

I see everything as pointless. Everything turns out the same way for everyone. All people will share the same destiny, whether they are good or bad. And that thing is death. But I know that people who are alive have more hope than those that are dead. All of us who live know that we will die but the dead know nothing. They are gone forever. What reward is there for them? The memory of them will fade and they can’t take part in anything that happens on earth.

So what do I say for us who are all alive?

  1.  Enjoy life with those we love. This is what we get for our hard work
  2. Whatever presents itself for us to do, do it with all of our might because there is no knowledge, planning or skill in the grave where we’re all going

The two people that died today probably woke up thinking “o! Another beautiful day or stressful day!” It is also possible that they were not satisfied, happy, contented or at peace with themselves. They might have been planning on doing something, all the while postponing or procrastinating.

Even if people may live for many years, they should enjoy every one of them while remembering that there will be many dark days. Live boldly making sure that you put wisdom first. The clock is ticking and everyday we age.

Nothing is new. Nothing from the past is remembered. A Quote by Aristotle:

Remember that time slurs over everything, let all deeds fade, blurs all writings and kills all memories. Exempt are only those which dig into the hearts of men by love.

And in the future, those who come after us will remember nothing.

Let us remember those who were affected in today’s attack and all those who are suffering presently. It could or can be one of us. All we have is time and no one knows when it will stop ticking for us. Enjoy life; don’t die sad and miserable.

If you are thinking “o I am too old”, stop. You are never too old to do anything. You might look in the mirror and see wrinkles, sagged skin and baggy eyes but know that age is in the heart. If you feel old you will act old but if you feel young at heart you will act young. It is all about perception.

REFERENCE: The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible.

You might not be religious but it is not wrong to study. The Bible is also a book.


Movies spread like wild fire. The moment it is released, there is a sort of chain reaction that occurs. For those living outside Nigeria, let me educate you a bit on how we acquire and get to know about these releases.

There are two illegal channels that are very common and popular: the Internet and pirates. Almost every Nigerian who gets an average and above income have satellite dishes installed in their homes. The most popular is DSTV.

DSTV puts up ads of movie trailers and have “behind the scenes” inserts in between programs. As soon as a person sees what he or she likes, all they have to do is go to the video store where there are hundreds of pirated copies and purchase the movie. In my next post, I’ll explain how the piracy structure is in Nigeria and how we suffer from it in relation to our favourite foreign shows.

 If a person has purchased a 6 GB and above data plan, has a Wi-Fi connection or has hacked into their mobile network provider’s site, all that is left to do is visit the illegal sites that have these movies and download.

When one person has gotten the movie, another chain reaction takes place. All I have to do is get my hard drive and send the movie to it. Then my friends gets access to it and copies what I have, (then I copy what they have). Their friends ask them for theirs and so on and so fort.

 However, it is important you know that not all Nigerians like to break the rules. The few who are moral and respect other people’s line of work, purchase these movies online or legally watch it either on DSTV, the local channels or other authorized methods.

We have unlimited amount of movies from different parts of the world, thanks to both legal and illegal distribution channels. The most popular movies we have, come from the three largest movie producers in the world: India’s Bollywood, Nigeria’s Nollywood and America’s Hollywood.

Without further delay, lets get to my opinion of what these movies say about you and I



1.Colours! Colours! Colours! Indians love it! They even have a festival of colours called Holi.

2. Dancing and singing! Indians are great and creative dancers. They are incomplete without it. They are also known for their unique singing voices.

3. This word cannot be placed as a single genre when it comes to Indian movies. Love is always in the air, be it horror, drama, action and all the others. The word should be a universal genre.

4. Cultural values. They protect and preserve their culture.

5. Respect for elders, parents and relatives.

6. Modestly dressed women and no nudity.

7. They adore their sweets, lentils, parathas and curry.

8. They are religious.

Recently, the western culture has had an effect in their movies and on them. Below are things I’ve seen that weren’t in the old movies:

1. The ladies love mini skirts and short dresses. The men love their tight pants and half buttoned shirts.

2. They don’t shy away from kissing and sex anymore.

3. Songs have an electronic vibe to it.

4. It’s now “in with dating and dancing in clubs” and “out with prearranged marriages”.



1. We love all Voodoo/witchcraft stuff

2. We have disciplinarians as parents. It does not matter if a person is ten, thirty or forty years old. They are eligible for sore bottoms; as long as their parents or grandparents are still alive

3. We are hardworking, especially when it comes to manual labour.

4. A party passes as a party when there are wads of Naira/dollar notes flying in the air.

5. We love our music.

6. We respect our elders.

7. We love our Adires, Aso ebi, Kaftans and babarigas (Nigerian fabrics)

8. Fufu, Pounded yam, Eba, Amala, Egusi soup, pomo, ..I can keep em’ coming. For those of you who are lost right now, I’ll mention one word and you’ll be found. FOOD!!!

9. Weight loss??? Who the hell cares!

10. Criminals, almost never get caught

11. Our virgins are our pride.

12. Church! Church! Church!

Western culture has also affected our movies and us.

1. We are wannabes

2. We don’t like to use our natural accents.

3. We are all rich and live in big houses.

4. Teenagers talk back to their parents.

5. Virgins are decreasing in number.



1. Americans are hard working and honest folks.

2. They brainstorm and are intellectually sound.

3. They believe that they are supreme.

4. DRUGS!!! Popular ones are methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and cigarettes.

5. Party! Party! Party!

6. They see sex as a casual thing. To them it is like breathing.

7. Advanced technology.

8. Weight loss is essential. If you’re not slim, you’re not pretty.

9. They love their Martini’s, doughnuts, beer, pizza and beef.

10. Teens don’t have respect for their parents and elders. This is what a Nigerian parent would say after watching a scene where an American teenager tells his or her mother to get out of their room because they’re are on the phone: “kai! Let them just give me this child for one day”.

11. They are very determined people and will work their way to the top.

12. They love the holidays, thanksgiving and travelling.

13. They are daring in a very foolish way. Jumping off cliffs, breaking bottles on their heads, purposely setting themselves on fire, leaps from high buildings without any safety gear on, performing stunts with their bicycles, skateboards and ending up with dislocated joints, broken bones or a bloody nose. (We watch the show “America’s greatest fools” on SonyMax).

14. Concerts and superstars are a big thing for them.

15. Intense bullying in schools.

16. Perfection, perfection, perfection!

The western world has influenced them in the following ways…. Just kidding! They ARE the westerners.

This post is not aimed at abusing anybody’s culture or country. If anyone feels that way, it was not my intention to do so. What I have stated may not be 100% correct. I am just interpreting in my own way, what I have seen in the movies. When I say movies, I don’t mean every single one.

Please feel free to comment on what you think movies you’ve watched say about their country and people.

On story de-depot, your thoughts matter. Cheerio!